PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Merry Christmas: largest temperate old-growth rain forest in North America open to logging.
* Panel finds uranium claim was just wrong, not a deception. Thusly, Bush White House is saying it's simply incompetent, not malicious.
* Making compromises to get the job done in Iraq.
* How the GOP twisted arms to get the Medicare vote passed.
* Keeping an eye on the Israeli wall using satellites.
* Interior Department goes after whistleblowers.
* Inside Wolfowitz's thinking.
* Does your employer want you dead, to collect on 'dead peasant' insurance? (Courtesy Mistress Sassy.)
* The new Canadian prime minister's agenda. And speaking of our neighbors to the North, their Supreme Court upheld criminal penalties for the marijuana.
* A new angle on the administration banning press coverage of war casualties being flown back home.
* More details about the Limbaugh case. For instance, he was being investigated even last year.
* Female prison guard, fired for posing for nude photos, wins lawsuit.

I Heard It On NPR (and thusly, don't have links to the text):
* Bratz dolls big sellers this year, but controversial.
* Behind the scenes at the Supreme Court on Brown vs. Board of Education.

I also heard good stories on the Russian oil contracts in Iraq, and parallels between Cuba's history and Iraq's current state. Will hopefully have those later today.

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