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Last night after tze bebe went to sleep, we put the door back on the basement. As no one except my ex-girlfriend and my ex-roommate have seen the door on there before, there's a reason: it makes the basement creepier. It's why we took it off soon after we moved in. However, it makes the dining room baby-safe-able, so sacrifices must be made.

The door was being stored in the "spider closet" under the stairs, so it was retrieved with no small amount of trepidation. I'm not sure if my fears were allayed because I didn't see any giant basement spiders, or if that only scares me more.

House is slowly being cleaned up/reorganized for having my family over for Christmas dinner. Last night, I put my Heroclix away, finally admitting to myself I won't have time to work with any gaming things until after Christmas.

Gaming: After Christmas, watch out. Discussing it on my gaming mailing list yesterday, my top priority is some Stargrunt. If I'm serious about going to the convention at the end of February, I have my work cut out for me. I may end up playing a little WHFB as well, as Magistrate is planning to hit the Grand Tourney this year, and would thusly need to get some practice in as well. Heroclix, as always, remains on the front burners, as does War Machine. And at some point we'll be trying out this new D&D miniatures game as well. The figs aren't great, but the game looks decent enough, and easily adaptable to other figs. We also have the idea of the Necromunda campaign starting eventually. 40k always an option as well, especially using the new micro-game rules. (I'm a big fan of these smaller-scale rules. I'll be trying out LOTR using it, and possibly even giving WHFB another roll with it as well.)

Oh, and all old D&D players out there: do yourself a favor and pick up issue 315 of Dragon magazine. It's full of campaign stuff for virtually all their old campaign worlds, from Greyhawk and Dark Sun, to Maztica and Hollow World! (Their only oversight was not finding room for Spelljammer, but they include the one-sentence version of the Giant Space Hamster stats, so I can't complain.) It's also rich with sidebars, talking about how the different worlds got started, and why some of them didn't work and the like. Very good read.

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