PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Flying solo here at work today, but here's some catching up with news...

Looking for the meaning behind the battles in the current crop of war movies. Sorta.

SomethingAwful saves some soldiers' lives! Possibly.

Downloading porn for the good of society! Or, uh, something.

* Orange alert everyone. Time to change the lightbulb. Terrorist threats to the US thought to be on the rise.
* Libya to dismantle weapons programs.
* OSHA rarely seeks charges for preventable deaths in the workplace.
* China seems ready to grant property rights.
* More Israeli soldiers refuse to serve in Palestine.
* Pope increasingly aided by circle of confidants.
* Federal study says teen drug use declines in the past two years.
* Michael Kinsley talks about the Democrats' "good news dilemma."
* Cheney's health remains a mystery.

And, the NYTImes has a series of articles up about the plight of farmers in developing nations.

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