PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

DNS was acting up all day yesterday, making doing anything web-related from home a real pain. I can't remember the last time I didn't update LJ two days in a row!

Suppose I should do one of those weekend updates that are so popular with the kids these days...

Saturday was a double-header. Baby-watching while RQ finished up the baking for that night's double-header festivities. The first was a fine soiree at Chez Latinate, where I met all her well-dressed roommates and their well-dressed friends. I bring up their attire merely because I was the only person there in t-shirt and jeans, as I didn't know other people would be dressing up. FINE. But, fun was had, everyone was cool. I had Too Much Food for my own good, including this turducken of which I had heard so much about. Impressive!

Thereafter, over to the pad of Regent and Dona Quixote, for the big friends bash! Very much fun, as well, though I spent too much time mingling and seeing everyone and not enough actually talking to people. Still, fun had, despite a tiny bubble of bizarre weirdness that threw me off for a bit there. A bunch of people I hadn't seen for a while! Lego DVDs! Other foreign DVDs! Books on tyrants! And other goodies. Tze also made off like a tiny bandit, including a speak and say (I think that's what they're called) and a stuffed monkey, which appears to be her new favorite toy.

Sunday, I was ready for some football! (Ravens = rule.) Or rather, RQ and Latinate went dress-looking, while I watched the aforementioned bebe. (The dress-shopping was for the two weddings RQ is going to be in this year one for her sister and one for her friend Auntie. Only one of which I will be at! It's a wedding-tastic year.)

Since the aforementioned DNS crap was preventing me from reaching either PuzzlePirates *or*, I started a one-player Diablo character (mace barb) and, uh, got to level 18. Hmmm. Not having to worry about mule-ing interesting stuff for other characters certainly speeds up the process.

Need to finish up X-mas shopping for the family this week (my friends are more forgiving about me being late) in addition to rearranging and cleaning up the hizzouse, as family will be over on Thursday. Rock steady.

Hmmm, I'm probably forgetting some details, but those are the basics.

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