PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Big increases in homelessness and the working poor? Why isn't that on the news?

The Straight Dope looks at inequality in the distribution of income.

Lookee, details of Rumsfeld's trip to Iraq - in 1984.

Younger TV viewers abandon prime time in favor of late night.

* Appeals court rules Guantanamo prisoners should have access to lawyers, and denying them that is an affront to American values. Hah! A lawyer who met with his Australian client there says "the process does not measure up to minimum international standards." Meanwhile, a federal court rules Padilla isn't an enemy combatant! Double hah! Analysis: It's all adding up to a rebuke of Bush's use of the enemy combatant charges to circumvent due process.
* Also, Justice Dept. finds many abuses committed against detainees held after 9/11.
* The Green River killer is given life in prison. OK. Maybe, I will admit now, that it is him.
* Federal appeals court rejects music industry subpoenas.
* New pics from the new supercold space observatory. (And a bigger shot from APotD.)

Sundown, which means: happy Hanukkah!

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