PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Golden Globe nominees announced.

Gaming news: GenCon SoCal report by Peter Adkison. Also, remember that contest to create a D&D setting? Here's the winner, Eberron. (Both courtesy Magistrate.)

Onion AV Club rages on with its cheap toy roundup, the best albums of 2003 and the ever popular least essential albums of 2003.

* Why Hussein shouldn't get the death penalty.
* Iraqi supporters and opponents of Hussein both felt he should have fought to the death.
* US quietly suggesting its citizens get out of Saudi Arabia.
* Egyptians have big political questions coming up.
* White House engages in more website revisionist history.
* Canada's tolerant culture tested. Meanwhile, France just takes a couple steps back.
* We can only face extremists if we try to understand them.
* The casulty of campaign finance.
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