PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Return of the King was everything I expected. Possibly more later, or I'll just comment on everyone else's comments. In fact, only two complaints so far.

However we got no less than eight trailers first...

And no Spider-man 2 trailer! But, made up for it with #5.

#1 Mask 2 - oh hell no. Jamie Kennedy plus a dancing baby? What's wrong with you people?
#2 Hidalgo - being male, I'm not into horse movies. And I've seen enough 'outracing the sandstorm' shots, thanks to the Mummy films.
#3 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - OK, hadn't heard about this pulp movie but I'll sign up. Even if I am getting a Rocketeer vibe off it.
#4 the fake commercial, actually for I, Robot - I bet you think you're clever. You're not. Still, decent cast and crew.
#5 Harry Potter 3 - aw, yeah. I think I like the trailer alone better than the other two. Not sure which was creepier, the Dementor or the little kids singing.
#6 Walking Tall - Um, interesting choice for a remake there, Rock.
#7 The Chronicles of Riddick - whoah, they are out on a limb here. Wasn't he just some criminal before? And Judi Dench, you should be ashamed.
#8 The Butterfly Effect - yep, still interested.
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