PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

New pics of the face on Mars. Sorry, conspiracy nuts.

Will the Supreme Court be able to stop gerrymandering? (Here's a second opinion.)

Awesome: key to Hussein's capture? Link diagrams.

* Bush declines to give specifics on how he intends to repair the economy.
* "He was on gloat-control drugs devised by NIH for just this occasion."
* Pictures of Saddam's capture no accident (but, isn't that against the Geneva Convention, since Cheney said he was to be treated as a prisoner of war?)
* UN to examine governance of the Internet.
* Report on bioterror threat on the way.
* Saucy! South Korea gets liberal.
* Whoah. Thurmonds confirm secret daughter's claim.
* Neat read: etymology of the well-chosen term 'spider-hole.'
* AFI releases its top ten picks for 2003. Whores.
* Stephen Hunter's rambling review of that Tolkien movie. (Here's a more awesomer one, courtesy AICN's Moriarty.)
* Google-bombing goes mainstream.

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