PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tickets for Return of the King ordered! We're seeing it at the Muvico Wednesday at 2:05 pm. If you're seeing it then too, lemme know, will be getting there early and can save seats.

Now, some Diablo complainin'

#1: Ah, this new patch is making all my mules and old character expire! Luckily, like 67 days of warning, so whew. And mules appear to just need to log in and out.

#2: Maybe it was just today, but this was the first time I did Act 1 since the new patch, and *dude*, the Tamoe Highland was a *warzone*. I mean, literally fighting the whole way across, having to regroup, rearm, etc. (I also confess, it was kinda hard. Makes me want to push the difficulty all the way up and see what *that* does.) (Other than likely just add to the graveyard of my hardcore characters.)

#3: Patch seems pretty cool, overall.

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