PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This morning was a comedy of errors, which led to me having lunch with Magistrate and his lovely wife, and some wandering around Staples. (This was instead of gaming. Ah well.) Also, when I got home, I found the scrunchy which fell out of my hair as I was shoveling snow this morning. Heh.

This evening, dinner at India Gate (the new Indian restaurant in Laurel on Route 1, next to Blockbuster.) Pretty tasty, if a couple bucks more expensive than it needed to be. Still, I think I will be going back there sooner or later. Thereafter, RQ and I retired for an evening of pool, at which we tied at three games a piece. My shining star of the evening was breaking, and sinking four in a row. Shazam! I need to play pool more often. Which will mean inventing an eighth day of the week. I am open to suggestions for names for this new day.

Tomorrow night, Heroclix. Still no idea what team I will be bringing. Panic!

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