PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Straight Dope takes on the Straussian conspiracy theory.

Halliburton bilking the government on fuel and other costs? C'mon, don't act surprised.

But considering Baker's financial ties, this whole thing might just be out of control.

* There's no understanding Bush's incoherent foreign policy.
* Must read, by Paul Krugman: administration hard-liners deliberately separating America from its former allies.
* EU facing struggle over its constitution.
* Israel facing grim reality of a failed military occupation and a demographic challenge.
* Bob Herbert on the Democrats' chaotic field.
* Supreme Court shows its pragmatic side.
* France frees terrorist suspect, blames US secrecy.
* Bad news: Afghan constitutional assembly postponed.
* Did Greenspan prevent an economic disaster while no one was looking?
* Meet the new Canadian prime minister.
* Partial list of the genomes that separate humans from chimps.
* DNA vs. death row, and exonerating the wrongly-executed.
* Opening the British Library's sound archives to hear the authors' original readings.

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