PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Caught The Bourne Identity last night. Highly enjoyable summer action flick. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to buy Mr. Damon as a bad-ass, but he performed admirably.

I forgot how exciting Muvico opening nights were. I was spoiled by their line management and crowd control for big openings like Fellowship and Harry Potter. Last night was, in fact, a mob scene. Literally. And that was after the half hour parking adventure. How can a place as large as Arundel Mills have no parking spaces? So, yeah, I think I am done with Arundel Mills on weekend nights for a while.

OK, so we don't like other countries other than us having weapons of mass destruction, but now Israel has nuclear-launching subs and we're happy about it? Ugh. Deterrent my ass.

Swung by the house to see my mom and Nana, deliver souvenirs from NYC, etc. Turns out the hospital bills from the two places Nana stayed for about a month total were $21,000 and $19,000. And no, I am not exaggerating. There's a freakin' health care meltdown coming.

In other news, my older sister Ripper's fiancee, Doc, hurt his leg a couple weeks ago at either Amtgard or Darkon. A second examination proved that he's messed up his ACL majorly, and will require surgery. Us wrestling fans know that's a pretty major thing, so seeing what I can do to help out there as well. I am very glad retrograde Mercury is over.

Welcome back from your NC vacation, Regent!

URL:Grant Morrison true to form in 'The Filth'
MP3: VNV Nation, "Solitary"
Quote: "For a vegetarian, Rent, you're a fucking evil shot." -Sick Boy, Trainspotting

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