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Last night, watched Gangster No. 1. It had a good cast (Malcolm McDowell, David Thewlis, Paul Bettany) and an interesting concept (gang leader remembering how he got on top, back in '68 in England.) Also, Bettany playing a younger version of McDowell. However, the plot sets a new definition of 'linear.' Also, a lot of scenes, um, nothing happens, or there's long noticeable pauses where someone stares at something. Used sparingly, very effective. Used this much, slows the mess down.

Tonight appears to be Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and Scrubs, and hopefully assembling more figs, as RQ will be cooking tomorrow night and Sat. day for her party on Saturday night. Meaning, plenty of bebe time for me. If anyone's bored and wants to drop by my messy house tomorrow night and keep us company, just gimme a ring.

And where would my faithful fans be without me giving them more cool links?

Angel fans, here's a pick from the office party celebrating the 100th episode.

Comic books fans, here's another report on the top 25 sellers as well as the market shares for last week. I'm proud to say I read/will read at least six of those, but really, it's because there's such good writing these days. Who knew that if you wrote good comics, they would sell well?!

Speaking of which, cool note I forgot to mention from Justice League last weekend. When the bookie was placing bets on the fight with Batman, the screen mentioned Jack came from "Parts Unknown," which is in fact an 80's wrestling reference. Which rules.

And finally, the Onion AV Club brings us the year's least-essential albums with a bonus of least-essential reality-TV offshoots.
Tags: 2003, comic books, movies, tv

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