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On this day in 1936, King Edward VIII of Britain abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American.

I mentioned this 60 Minutes story, "Operation Iraqi Freedom," in someone else's LJ, but never posted it here. Well, there it is, so go read it and weep.

Joel Achenbach on more stupid Virginia laws and other hazards of the holiday season (courtesy Regent.)

* Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance reform alters the landscape, and angers groups on both sides of the fence.
* Nice timing: Bush calls allies to relieve Iraqi debt, a day after barring them from contracts in Iraq.
* France considers banning head scarves, yarmulkes, and "large-sized Christian crosses." Though the latter would only really affect the Hot Topic goths.
* Thomas Friedman, on the fallout of the Iraqi war, felt in Israel.
* States calling out lack of federal policy and action on the environment.
* Profiling: Arab-American scheduled to work during a Bush visit sent home by Secret Service.
* Judge orders hearing on prosecutors' misconduct in terrorism trial.
* Growing legislation to restrict the use of camera-phones.
* Israel's new tourists.
* Interesting: revitalizing cities by developing a brand, targetting growth aimed towards youth culture.

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