PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night, watched The Criminal (based on the note that it had one Eddie Izzard in it.) It was, um, OK. New ground for Mr. Izzard, but not a big enough part. The movie was interesting, but not terribly compelling. I'll have it on tape (until I tape over it) if any of you fangirls want to borrow it (after I watch the other thing taped last night, Gangster #1, which looks better.)

And this afternoon was The Scorpion King (which, for some weird reason I hadn't seen yet.) It was just about everything I was expecting. And by that I mean, Michael Clarke Duncan in drag, and slightly better than Kull the Conqueror.

Common thread between the two? Bernard Hill. Who's been in, like, everything.
Tags: movies

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