PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dinner with the family at younger sister Patches' place in Annapolis went well. (OK, it was past Annapolis, and thusly quite the drive.) Bebe behaved most of the time and was the life of the party. Oh, and I stuffed myself to the gills with food. Thereafter, home, watched the *best* episode of Justice League like evar, and an early bedtime.

Woke up early today, ordered some more miniatures (because lord knows I don't have enough,) and soon, a lunchy thing at older sister Ripper's place (which is luckily right off Contee.) Couple people coming over tonight, drop me an e-mail if you're looking for something to do.

Oh, and I work tomorrow, which is lame, and will (fingers crossed) be nice and dull.

Hope everyone had a spiffy Thanksgivin'.

* Monkeys and dolphins can say "I don't know."
* One word: "glottochronology."
* Sharon says Israel must cede land for peace. *Then* he says he's speeding up the fence, and threatens unspecified "unilateral" action. Whuf.
* Bush's trip to Iraq ties him even more to future results there.
* Duty in Chechnya takes its toll on Russian cops.
Tags: 2003, science!, tv

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