PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Neutrinos, spelunking stars, and fist bumps

* Nice! A gallery of school lunches across the nation.
* Courtesy thewronghands: meet the 'all-female team of spelunking scientists.' More from National Geographic here.
* Paul Krugman calls out Republicans on their opposition to Obamacare, and the two ways it could end.
* See also: "Hard-nosed obstinacy plays well with the base, but it's not a winning strategy in the end."
* Comparing and contrasting the various sugar substitutes.
* Whoah. Examining neutrinos a mile and a half beneath the Antarctic.
* Endorsing the fist bump as the healthier alternative to the handshake.

Tags: easy sell, news, science!, two-fisted tales, welcome to america

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