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Insomnia had good actors doing some good acting, but really lost something in translation. I don't quite know what yet. I enjoyed it, but there's something keeping it out of the top bracket. Either way, good show for Nolan's second outing.

And just a while ago, I was mentioning how I thought Al Pacino was getting a bit old to be playing a cop. And now, he's playing an old cop. Ideal.

Have I mentioned how much I love

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The weather was nice all weekend, I reiterate. Friday was overcast, which made the drive pleasant, and usually A/C free. Today, however, was both sunny and mild, a real treat for hiking around the city.

A brisk walk over to the Rose Center planetarium. The planetarium itself is neat, and filled with an inundation of space-y facts. Then, we watch The Search For Life: Are We Alone? narrated by one Harrison Ford. A couple noisy kids almost mess it up, but they were quiet enough for the majority of the rather neat little movie. The original plan was to make it up for their "Starry Nights" jazz thingamajig, but that's for next time. On the way out for lunch, we hit the Space Gift Store, and I narrowly avoid buying Astronomy Monopoly, but man, it's so cool, I may have to pick it up anyways.

A quick lunch at Lenny's Cafe on Colombia, and back to the American Museum of Natural History. First thing I notice, as my pictures will prove out, they have a serious thing for Teddy Roosevelt up there. The museum itself isn't very well laid out, though i suppose I am spoiled by our local Smithsonians. Also, they have big into the 'taxidermied animals under glass' theory of museums, which I am not always into.

However, they *are* into lots and lots of dinosaur bones, and I am into that. Many pictures taken here. We passed on the 'Baseball as America' exhibit, though I *might* see it when it comes down here. Also, we got stuck in the geology wing, another testament to the poor layout. On the way out, we went through one of the anthropology wing, though, where they had a fragment of an ice age flute on display. They apparently worked up a model from this bone thing, and gave it to some famous flutist to play, and had this weird, whistley music playing throughout the room. Speculative music, of course, as they helpfully point out no actual recording of what the music sounded like exist, but still eeriely cool.

And thanks to the joy of cell phones, we coordinate with my friend Dingo and his girlfriend, Lop. They took the train in from Long Island. Yay! It was good seeing him, and meeting her. After some 'discussion,' we head to the Mars 2112 experience. NYC is thick with wacky theme restaurants, you see. This one started with a spaceship ride, people in costumes, and in fact its own gift shop. But a fun, kitschy little time. Arcades in NYC? Frikkin' expensive.

So dinner was fun, and hanging out with them was fun. We walk around Times Square a little afterwards, trying to figure out what to do next. This is when our paths are crossed by a pimp herding his ho's across the street. This guy had it all, from the Leroy hat to the big fuzzy coat. Man oh man. Anyways. Dingo and Lop decide they should probably head home, long train ride back, and being cool, we decide to hit a show while in NY. OK, it was Insomnia playing at the Loews EWalk, but we're still cool. After that, home, for some well-deserved sleep.

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