PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Gathering last night didn't turn out as overcrowded as I feared, which is a good thing, I suppose. And yes, the extended cut of Two Towers is really phenomenally better. (I will need to rewatch it before too long, to catch the parts I missed thanks to the loud bebe.)

Today, laundry (!) and the christening for nephew. Which I should be getting dressed for, like, soon.

* What a coincidence: pending bills will cash in big time for Bush's donors.
* Police leave man to freeze to death in Canada.
* The FBI is targeting legal anti-war rallies and their supporters.
* Feel safer yet? Much of anti-terrorism money for the DC area going to other projects.
* Man, those Georgians know how to name things, like this new "velvet revolution."
* Forget the promises: Bush administration treats Social Security like a cookie jar.
* The gap between Bush's vision and reality.
* Maureen Dowd on Bush's scare tactics.
* What if terrorists attacked during the election?
* Dancing on Seuss's grave: corporate sponsors line up for The Cat in the Hat.
* Heh heh. Offhanded Bush comment irritates religious conservatives.
* Predicting the future with Hollywood's stock exchange. Dude, I should sign up.

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