PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was a treat of a night at Flanagan's, the best Irish pub around, to celebrate the birthdays of Latinate and Aztec. Kevin James, the best Irish folk singer guy around played like all night long, and did a h00j number of classic numbers (Old Dun Cow, Whiskey in the Jar, Unicorn Song, etc.) and a bunch of non-standards (Wish You Were Here, Sloop John B, Wild World, etc.) I, of course, got a great many ideas for karaoke songs to do.

This morning, got up at too-early o'clock to help RQ set up for her craft fair table. She sold a couple things, so a step in the right direction. Thereafter, up to Magistrate's gaming mecca of a basement to play War Machine. 3000 points (3 teams of 500 on either side, three Cygnar vs. Cryx, Menoth and Magnus.) We ended up having to call it, and it was close. I did pretty well holding down my side of the line, though. Tried out the basics of the army I want to take to the big tournament (Steam Stampede) in New Jersey, and it did nicely. Need more practice, though, and only two weeks left (!)

Tonight, a few people over for the extended Two Towers. Too many, in fact, I fear, for my wee living room to hold. But it will work!

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