PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yesterday was the the 183th anniversary of the wreck of the whaler Essex by a sperm whale. It was the inspiration for Herman Melville's Moby Dick. Seven of the crew were eaten. (Courtesy Ace.)

On a related note, a new species of whale has been discovered (courtesy Iceman.)

On a relatively unrelated note, Buffy fans, here's a picture of Giles as Captain Hook.

On an increasingly distantly related note, SciFi has approved the spinoff for Stargate: Atlantis.

* GOP running a commercial to support sitting President's policy? Huh?
* Malvo defense brings up the validity of brainwashing.
* Congress sneaking in a terrible $284 billion omnibus spending bill. Also, a look at Republican end-of-session tactics.
* Leaked memo (remember how Bush said he wanted these leaks stopped?) on Al Qaeda-Iraq connection shows strain between CIA and Defense.
* Was disbanding the Iraqi army a mistake?
* US Army leaders discuss burden of troop rotation.
* Israeli army lied about missiles used in their attack on a refugee camp.
* MD residents, take note: Ehrlich denounces gay marriage.
* Building new computer chips based on human DNA?
* Alternate history: what if JFK wasn't assassinated?

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