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"Here's a little background, in case you don't like spending your weekend time thinking about old guys who can't stop thinking about your sex life: The House of Representatives has had a hard-on for defunding Obamacare since its passage (they've voted to repeal it over 40 times) and, as a last-ditch effort to keep people from having access to medical care, they've tried to attach delays to its full implementation to the new spending bill without success, since any bill they pass is bound to be rejected by the Democratic-majority Senate and for sure not signed into law by the President. On Saturday, the House passed a spending bill that attached to it several whackadoodle provisions, including delaying the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act for another year and a year-long 'conscience clause' that would allow women's bosses to declare certain types of birth control icky and deny women who work for their companies the ability to use their company benefits on whore pills. This is a tactic that makes about as much sense as refusing to pay your mortgage unless your banker agrees to start getting bikini waxes."

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