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So, I am back from NYC. I'll break up the travelogue for a few days, to make it easier for me to write and you to read. Or not read, up to you. Oh, and formatting will be funky all week, so suffer.

The brief notes:
* It was an awesome weekend, weatherwise, especially the first half.
* This is officially the longest I have gone without driving (we parked the car, and it stayed there until we left the city.)
* Also, the longest I have gone without checking e-mail.
* Definitely the most walking I have done in any similar period, at least back to my college commuter days.
* There are a lot of dogs on the island. I presume there were a lot of cats as well, safe in their houses, but like every block had a handful of people walking dogs of all varieties.
* There are only big portions in this city. h00j amounts of food, even when you order something small. I was seriously about to start ordering kids' meals.

URL: Why Won't We Read the Manual?
MP3: Method Man, "Bring Da Pain [Chemical Brothers remix]"
Quote: "Television is a triumph of equipment over people." -Fred Alle


The drive up took under five hours, and that's with a rest stop break for lunch (Burger King's new BK sandwich: not all that.) And yes, tolls on the way up were nearly $20.

Getting into the city, not a problem, despite our lack of actual directions. It's true, NYC is easy to navigate. Over the bridge, south on Riverside, there's the hotel on 88th. Don't get me started on parking, though. Apparently it's legal to block a one-way street with a moving van, if you feel like it. After a length search, we found a spot less than a block from the hotel, in fact in front of Grant's Tomb. Which I didn't know was in New York, at all.

The hotel room: Small. Very, very small. room for a bed, single bath with a shower, and enough room to turn around. We had to navigate around each other if we were both in the same space at the same time. We had the in-window air conditioner working full time, as well.

After some relaxing, we decided to hit the proverbial town. We wandered toward Broadway (three blocks west) and had dinner at Dan, a nifty sushi place. I had some chicken sukiyai, which was filling and good. Fresh, fresh chicken, like Nana used to make.

Now, despite NYC being a City That Never Sleeps, it's not always readily apparent what there is to *do* with all that time. Being tourists, we headed to Times Square. Using a trusty subway map (which would become our best friend for this weekend,) we headed downtown. Getting off the subway, though, we weren't sure which was Times Square was. So it took a full circuit of the block and a couple aborted turns before the found it.

Times Square is really impressive. Really. Lots of neon, lots of signs telling you things, lots of readerboards scrolling and stealing your attention. And every twenty feet is another playhouse. We passed WWE World (the wrestling theme restaurant/bar) but it was scary so we didn't go in.

Instead, we went to the huge-mongous three-story Toys R Us. It was all that. There was a ferris wheel in the lobby (with a huge line) and the whole place was sectioned off, so there were aisles and aisles of toy cars, stuffed animals, Legos, etc. (I need the Spiderman and Green Goblin Legos!) Lego Empire State Building, complete with Lego King Kong. Entire Candyland section, with a scary number of Pez dispensers.

But the best? A life-size (or close to it) Tyrannosaurus Rex, that moved, swished its tail, and ROARED.

After that, we subwayed home and fell right asleep. Lots of walking, lots more to come.

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