PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, usually, Angel discussions include spoilers, and people know that going in. However, tonight, I really mean it.

Right. Let's get on with it.

OK, Why didn't Spike and Angel figure out they were being played? Geez.

Drusilla cameos? Pointless. Really.

Entire show redeemed by the last scene? YEP.

* Hee, Spike wants an office.
* Callico, remember a couple weeks ago, how you wanted Spike to get his body back at the beginning of an episode where there's no explanation? Bingo!
* Wes is on a leave of absence? Insert foreshadowing here.
* I do like how Gunn has a slight thing over Eve, in that he just goes and talks to the White Room, instead of going through her. Interesting dynamic.
* Now, if only Eve were more interesting.
* "Please tell me I don't have to explain metaphor to you people." Hee hee.
* Why would anyone care which one of them is the guy in the prophecy? Think, guys.
* Well, Spike is the better champion. Wait, no he's not. (Though I am glad they pointed out that Angel did get his on accident, while Spike did fight for his. Sure, for the wrong reason, but, whatever.)
* Also, the fight scenes tonight weren't up to their usual snuff. The foley guy was going *nuts*, too.
* Well, of course it was a set-up. Geez. Listen to the audience yelling at their TV sets next time.
* Hey Eve, nice apartment. I told you not to let your teenage goth cousin decorate for you.
* OMG LINDSEY LINDSEY LINDSEY. I *swear* they waited until after I stopped saying "I wish Lindsey was here" every freakin' episode.
* Eve - just got interesting. So she's two-timing the senior partners? Not a good idea. Or, does she even talk to them at all?
* RQ's comment: "Now they just need to bring back Oz and Groo, to make it the best episode ever." She also noted she would be very happy if Groo came back and whisked off Cordelia, and me too. Since he's, you know, a real champion and all.

"Thought it'd be a little less goldeny, what with the torment and all." -Spike
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