PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Communism is nothing but a red herring."

"If Lynn was impressed with Guber's Hollywood panache, he was bowled over by Landis, who had already roughly worked out the major outline of Clue's whodunit plot — six strangers, all blackmail victims, are invited to a mysterious dinner party at a large mansion and assigned color-based pseudonyms; their host and putative blackmailer, Mr. Boddy, is murdered, followed by the cook, and several other visitors; and the guests, suspecting one another, work with the butler to figure out who the killer is — and acted it all out for Lynn. 'He was careening around the office, jumping up and down on the furniture, standing on the table, shouting, screaming,' says Lynn of their meeting in L.A. 'It was a tremendous pitch. I've never seen anything like it in my life.' When I ask Landis about this meeting, he just chuckles. 'You know, Jonathan's so British, he probably thought, Holy shit, this guy’s very enthusiastic.'"

Tags: easy sell, movies, not news

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