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21 August 2013 @ 11:49 am
five years later  
I don't do much gaming talk here anymore (because of this,) but making an exception today.

As noted inthe past, I never describe myself as a video-game gamer, because I don't play video games like other people. I find one game I love, and play it almost exclusively for years.

Five years back, for example, I was feeling a little ennui with City of Heroes, a game that was all I'd played for years. But I was feeling a little disenchanted with the MMO grind, and wanted to try something new.

So I picked up this game called Team Fortress 2 all of five years ago today. And it's been all I've really been playing since, for the most part. (I wouldn't have remembered this date, but I have an item in the game that has it noted.) And still loving it. Going to celebrate tonight by shooting up my fellow gamers online tonight.