PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

On this day in 1928, 75 years ago, the first successful sound-synchronized animated cartoon, Walt Disney's "Steamboat Willie," starring Mickey Mouse, premiered in New York.

Also, in 1978, 916 people died in the mass suicide/mass murder at the Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana.

* Israeli military increasingly critical of tactics used against Palestinians.
* The US military alters its plans for future conflicts, but still doesn't adequately cover postwar stabilization.
* The new energy bill is all about kickbacks to Bush's campaign contributors in the oil and gas sectors.
* Paul Krugman's straight talk about the mutual fund scandal.
* gaining strength and credibility.
* DeLay turns his wicked eye on New York.
* Interesting idea on the rising cost of pharmaceuticals being linked to doctors' continuing education.
* Drug use in sports destroying our illusion of fair play.
* There's only two types of popular women's magazines on the racks.
* Sure, but will popular art shows at a "museum chain" work?

Incidentally, the cpunks/cpunks login at has stopped working, so I created cheetahmaster/cheetahmaster for anyone who doesn't want to get their own account there, for whatever reason.
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