PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hefty: PG-13 is now the most profitable rating a movie can receive.

Wait, what do you mean that the Bush administration is looking at breaking our treaties to research new nuclear bombs?

* Redesigning America to accommodate our growing waistlines. Whuf. Joel Achenbach weighs in on the matter.
* Surrounding Iraqi villages with razor wire, and issuing ID cards? I can't imagine why they don't like us liberators.
* Iraq isn't Vietnam, but we can still take lessons from the latter.
* Bush won't receive a warm welcome in England.
* Thomas Friedman admires fanatical moderates.
* Energy Bill? Much ado about nothing.
* Utah's public works project to build a massive data network.
* New clergy group to fight the influence of conservative Christian organizations.
* Debating Hubble's demise.
* OK, I might watch "Angels in America" now.

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