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New book on the decay of language (courtesy Operative X.)

I heard it on NPR: The Red Cross is halting food distribution in the Palestinian West Bank, basically saying it's Israel's responsibility now. Also, more criticism at home for Sharon.

Howard Kurtz on the Republican pointless marathon debate, and other partisan party games (including a silent assault on pro-choice laws.)

Ahahaha, I'm sure "C-SPAN Bagdhad" will be completely fair and balanced. Completely.

Score one for the good guys: Moore removed from office.

* Will new urgency to "fix" Iraq only cause more problems?
* Oh, yeah, and attacks are on the rise in Afghanistan, but hey, that's not big news or anything.
* Spies adjusting to a life without lying.
* "Genome maverick" has DNA-synthesis breakthrough, which is great news... for viruses.
* Why I hate the South (also courtesy Operative X.)
* Straight Dope sets the record straight on Potemkin.

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