PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

odds and ends

I'm gonna be home tonight and baby-watching while RQ works on her crafty projects, so if you're in the Laurel area and bored, gimme a call or swing on by. Nothing fancy going on, but company is always welcome.

Also: did I loan someone my tapes of Neverwhere? For the life of me, I can't find them.

Rambling, rambling...

Ratingzzz. Bye bye Tarzan. Also: "With so many other problems to deal with (Monday, Thursday and Friday, in particular) the last thing Fox needed was an eroding 24." Hur hur hur.

Courtesy Iceman, Invader Zim coming to DVD next spring.

Is it wrong I am occasionally looking for a gothy 70's-looking outfit? Well, it's true.

Curious as to what comic books kids are reading these days? Here's market share figures, and here's the top 25 sellers.

Interesting pics of Guinevere in that new King Arthur movie.

Wrestling news: Glacier, your new sex ed teacher.

Today's quote: Jon Stewart, talking to Brendan Fraser about his upcoming role in the new Looney Tunes movie: "Do you just not have an agent anymore?"

In theory, news links later.

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