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"I don't have the answer to how to fix institutions - I think they are so corrupted at the moment that it's going to more than a few new rules - but I do believe that we are probably better off relying on our messy, imperfect system of competing interests, at least until we figure this out. The press and the government should be antagonistic. The congress and the executive need to guard their prerogatives. The people need to be suspicious and push back on encroaching religious power and moneyed interests. It's important not to let any of these failing institutions, least of all the massive police power of the state, completely have the upper hand. That way rarely works out well for the folks.

"The system is chaotic and doesn't lend itself to orderly progress. But that's how its designed and lately I've had a fuller appreciation for the enlightenment principles that informed it: self-determinism, consent of the governed, that the government's role is to protect the rights of its citizens as much as provide physical security."

Tags: 2013, news, quotes, welcome to america

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