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07 June 2013 @ 02:23 pm
The NSA, Steubenville, and fight scenes  
* The protests in Turkey claim a very modern persona. Bonus: BAGnewsNotes on the 'lady in red' and iconography. Also, how tear gas is the unifying factor.
* The NSA information-gathering is starting to sound familiar.
* "If convicted for hacking a Steubenville football fan site, he could face 10 years. The rapists got one and two."
* Fighting the ALEC agenda: always check the sources.
* "The College Republicans National Committee report focuses on the GOP's image problem. It's way more fundamental than that."
* Credit where it's due: even Scalia gets it right once in a while.
* Neat: John Rogers explains why you should never write action scenes into your movies.