PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: Now You See Me

It's one thing when a movie is just bad, but it's another when a movie is rather enjoyable, but finds a way to squander all those good feelings. Now You See Me is mostly a great summer movie. The plot is a little thin, and they opt for more special effects than you'd expect, but it's got a great pace to the action, and the actors are highly compelling. Jesse Eisenberg may not have great range, but he does what he does well. And I am now, formally, a Woody Harrelson fan. Right up to the end, it's a great movie, and one I'd have recommended to pretty much anyone looking for a summer action thriller. But then, dude, I don't know. They manage to completely blow the ending, and in a way that would have needed a completely different ending written. It wouldn't have been tough, either, but yeah. Sours the whole process. Catch it on cable some night when you don't really care what you're watching.

Tags: movies, not news
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