PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This week, on Angel...

* How do we start off the show? Someone offering Wesley a fish sandwich? This is gonna be a good episode.
* NEVERMIND. What I meant to say was, we kick off with a Robot Ninja Fight! And Two-Gun Wesley Action! This will be hard to top.
* Man, Angel still doesn't trust Wesley.
* Wait, did Fred just stand up for herself?
* Yay Wesley's dad! Though, if they wanted Brian Cox, they should have just hired him, not a look-alike.
* Reforming the Watchers' Council! I also like metaplot development.
* I also like watching new people react to Spike and Angel, considering their background.
* OK, Spike's report was officially awesome. Let me go ahead and make something else official: I don't mind having Spike on the show, now that he is being written well.
* Oh, man. Wes's dad, giving him advice on Wes's love life.
* Hee, his password was 'elysium.'
* "...the occasional swamp man..."
* Wes, isn't torture, you know, a little... evil? I like how Wesley and Gunn seem to be Angel's foils, these days.
* DUDE you just TOTALLY KILLED your dad!
* Wait, nevermind.
* Wait, those weren't really Watcher bots? What about the reports of them killing other baddies elsewhere. *Unless,* and this is pure speculation on my part, wouldn't it be cool if these bots, having no Watchers to keep them informed, just went off on their own, trying to do Watchery things? Like a, uh, Rogue Robot Ninja Watcher Council? Anyways.
* Man, looking to Wes to make hard decisions. So many good quotes I have to pull from this episode.
* Ouch, and way to end with the super-painful phone call.

Now, the downsides, to an otherwise perfect (read: Wes-ful) episode:
a.) Who didn't have the plot figured out from the lab scene?
b.) While I love Robot Ninjas, as baddies, they are kind of lame.

"Sex with robots is more common than most people think." -Spike
Tags: tv

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