PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Chiefs are 9-0? EMBARRASSING.

The real American casualty: credibility.

Pop quiz: have more judicial nominees been confirmed under Bush or under Clinton?

* Al Qaeda looks to shake up Saudi Arabia. With bombs.
* Iraqis getting things done without US help, while the US still claims it's just a 'war of perception.' Sure, perception. And bombs.
* Afghanistan poppies reach near-record levels. Way to go reconstruction!
* State money gets tight, so they are looking at shortening prison terms. Will this bring about much-needed prison reform?
* Comparing four popular diets, head-to-head, for the first time. Also, should obesity be considered a disease?
* Can the FCC screw up this digital broadcasting thing any worse?
* Edwards focuses in on the average family's debt.
* Bush seeks ozone exemptions.
* California fears a 'Blade Runner' future.
* Why China loves Christmas.
* You know, if they do canonize Ivan the Terrible, I may have to switch churches.
* Donnie Darko: "flop to cult hit."

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