PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

And yesterday was the second half of the best picture nominees marathon.

Beasts of the Southern Wild was the best movie of the day. The right amount of fantasy and metaphor mixed in with a dramatic coming-of-age story. I now know what my third tattoo will be, too. Catch it soon.

Life of Pi also did a good job handling the fantasy, but the writing was more flawed, and the more I think about it, the more I find that they could have handled better. Definitely pretty; we saw it in 3-d, and they did some great work with it. But the story did not work for me, especially the framework part with the novelist. A more deft editing of the screenplay would have taken this movie from 'good' to 'easy win.'

Lincoln was long and not overly interesting. I appreciated them focusing on the fight for the amendment, and Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field did great work humanizing the characters involved. But other than that, ehn? Nice documentary for fourth graders in the future. Hollywood does love their historical flicks, though.

Silver Linings Playbook was decent. Good characters and acting; I'm not big on De Niro, but he did good work here. Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite young actor these days. And I am for anything that helps Chris Tucker pay rent for another month. And I appreciate removing some of the stigma of mental illness, even if they missed a couple marks in there. But in the end, this wasn't best-picture material.

We had to skip Zero Dark Thirty to hit a party. We'll try to see it before too long.

I hope Amour takes the Oscar, but my money would go on Lincoln or Life of Pi.

Tags: 2013, movies, not news

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