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In revealing its third-quarter earnings, Marvel Enterprises listed five movies, including the not-in-production-yet Fantastic Four, for release next year.

Movies due in theaters next year are The Punisher from Artisan Entertainment on April 16, Spider-Man 2 from Sony/Columbia on July 2, Blade: Trinity from New Line Cinema on Aug. 12; Man-Thing from Fierce/Artisan on Aug. 26 and Fantastic Four from Fox on Dec. 24.

Films/characters in active development, according to Marvel, include:

X-Men 3 from Fox, The Hulk 2 from Universal, Namor from Universal, Elektra from New Regency/Fox, Iron Man from New Line, Ghost Rider from Sony and Deathlok from Crystal Sky/Paramount Pictures.

Marvel's only television project listed was a Blade animated series for MTV. MTV's Spider-Man animated series is not expected to return, a decision on Kids' WB!'s X-Men: Evolution is expected soon, and, with lawsuits pending with Tribune Entertainment, Mutant X probably will not last past its current third season.

During a conference all, Marvel's Avi Arad said that Iron Man is targeted for 2005 release, 6.5 million DVDs of The Hulk were shipped, with 3.5 million selling within a week, and that X3 does not have a targeted release date.
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