PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

State of the Union, the big questions, and more

* "It is time to make a difference, reclaim self-government and challenge the cruelty of austerity and its correlary — extreme and corrosive economic inequality."
* Today's primer: no, deficits do not cause higher unemployment.
* Ezra Klein on the president's ambitious speech. Bonus: Jonathan Bernstein on why Ezra Klein is essential reading.
* "The odds that an American will die in a terrorist attack are minuscule. So why are so many willing to sacrifice civil liberties and foreign innocents to keep safe?"
* The tough questions brought up by drones and targeted killing.
* The State of the Union in 29 animated gifs.
* One of the Republican party's problems is a lack of elder statesmen.
* What was really wrong with Rubio's response. More here.

Tags: 2013, defend your thesis, news, welcome to america

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