PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, OK, I know you're all expecting me to rave about tonight's Angel just because it contained Mexican wrestlers. And I sort of will. However, let me just note how *completely awesome* it *would* have been had they gotten actual lucha wrestlers. In reality, they invented the high-flying style you only sometimes see in pro wrestling (Dona Quixote, think the Hardy Boyz, but on speed.)

But yes, it was a treat. I wish they hadn't given away so much with the commercials. Though Angel does have that deadpan look down.

* Gunn doing good! Again, I think he's gonna become more and more important here.
* Heh, Spike called 'shotgun.' Let me note this is two in a row where Spike hasn't annoyed me. Thank you, superior Angel writers.
* I am pro-flashback.
* Didja catch the name on the business card? Holland someoneorother? Hee.
* See Regent, since Wes got a few more lines this episode, they had to take them away from Lorne.
* Nifty theme, of why heroes do what they do, and Angel losing it.
* And heh, Spike giving advice related to poetry.
* Wes doesn't remember the prophecy of 'the father killing the son.' Hmmm.

"Surely you remember our great victory over the Devil's Robot!" -Number Five

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