PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Some brief reviews

The Others is a neat little atmospheric film. If you saw this, hit me up about it sometime. I learned something interesting on the DVD that I don't want to ruin for people who haven't seen it. And no, it's not the plot or anything like that.

I really dug Series 7: The Contenders. Originally thought up as a TV series, the movie is a marathon of the hot new reality TV show, where the contestants kill each other off until only one remains, who then becomes champion in the next season. Very keen, and good dark comedy.

On the TV, King of Texas is Patrick Stewart's version of King Lear set in the days of the Texas republic. It translates very well, and I love alternate settings for classics (which also translates to my love of the DC Comics' Elseworlds line. Anyways, it's a nice version of Lear, and Stewart of course kicks.

While I only caught the first half of the DVD, Lawrence of Arabia is still long and full of sand. No wait. Yes, it's a classic and quite fun, but there's a lot of points that illustrate the difference between older audiences and newer ones. But Lawrence's story is a good one, of course.

I also told one of my closest friends a big secret last night, and feel better for it.

URL: Beastly Behavior?
MP3: Pop Will Eat Itself, "Games Without Frontiers"
Quote: "Did you guys ever WATCH the show?" -Guy, Galaxy Quest

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