PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's top read: on pedophilia and politics

"This isn't just a medical or legal problem. This is a political problem. Conservative and libertarian politics depends on a system of free will combined with cosmic and earthly punishments for those who misbehave. Rather than regulate corporations that spew toxins into the air or play fast and loose with safety standards, conservative philosophy dictates that consumers will punish after the fact those corporations whose behavior offends. The same principle goes for individuals. Rather than provide real help for the underprivileged and the mentally ill, and rather than regulate the sorts of firearms that can turn a mere murder into a massacre, the conservative and libertarian impulse is to wait an offender to strike, then mete out the harshest possible punishment in the vain hope of deterring the next offender. It's barbaric, but that's the basic principle involved."

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