PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, yesterday, sat down and watched all 8 episodes of Carnivale (thanks to an HBO marathon.) Spoilers in the

I'm really digging it. Someone at the party on Friday described it as having a "Dark Tower" feel to it, and I think that's pretty appropriate. It's not epic in scope, but epic in feel. Something's being built up to, though we can't always see it. Between that, the mysteries of the past, and the clever interpersonal relationships, the show's a keeper.

And man, had I known it had Clancy Brown *and* Patrick Bauchau, I woulda signed on earler.

Also, now I need a tattoo. Of a tree.

Ooh, and a secret society now! Plus, the voice of Management! Also, a dancing bear in the *creepiest* WWI flashback evar. And stuff.

Still trying to parse a lot of it, and I may go back and re-watch a few episodes in a week or so (since I have them all on tape now, heh.

"Who has more faith in God than those who have born witness to His fury?" -Brother Justin

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