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News stampede

On this day in 1938, the radio play "The War of the Worlds," starring Orson Welles, aired on CBS.

Comic book artist/rock star god Alex Ross, at home (courtesy Operative X.)

MediaWeek looks over the fall season so far. And predicts Tarzan to go away. And Coupling is on hiatus already, hur hur.

Heroclixers: I have a mostly-accurate Critical Mass list, thanks to boneyard at, drop me a line if you want a copy.

Joel Achenbach on the solar flare. LiveOnline interview on dealing with zombies. No, literally.

* Top contractors to receive contracts to rebuild Iraq were all large donors to the Bush candidacy.
* Israeli chief of staff denounces policies against Palestinians.
* Bush orders training of Iraqi security forces sped up. Again.
* LiveOnline talks with the presidential candidates all next week.
* Bush's policies to keep free speech from being free, and keep protesters off TV. (Courtesy deboranter.)
* Maureen Dowd on Bush's weird parallel universe logic.
* News conference analysis from the NYTimes.
* Hey, right, wasn't Iran in the Axis of Evil?
* Thomas Friedman, on why Iraq isn't Vietnam, and Bush's real second term.
* Normally quiet Sarbanes speaks out over appeals court nomination.
* Clark steps up his attacks on the administration. "Strong rhetoric in the aftermath is no substitute for wise leadership."
* The meaning behind Bush's aircraft-carrier landing has changed.
* William Safire takes on Pollyanna economists.
* Food News: the lost art of carving.
* Experts discuss ideas and products that need inventing. (Also included: why a CD is 74 minutes long.)

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