PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night, on Angel...

Pretty decent show. I like seeing the evolution of the idea of the place changing them subtly and not so subtly.

* "Harmonica!" "Lorney Toons!" Hee hee hee.
* Punching the Mardi Gras head skull: priceless.
* Man, having the asshole archduke and his monkeyboy at the party made it seem just like a big larp.
* Lorne, you silly silly demon.
* Note that Gunn was the only one enjoying himself at the party without Lorne's 'prompting.' Also, note I was cracking up every time Gunn was peeing on something.
* So, are there bad side-effects if a regular person has their sleep removed? Or their ennui? (hee hee)
* Whoah, Hulk-Lorne.
* Man, not much Spike at all. I'm not complaining, mind you.
* BUT THANK GOD FRED HAS A NEW GUY. Hopefully he'll be evil or something.

"Everybody thinks you suck." -Harmony
Tags: tv

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