October 17th, 2013


"This moment in American political life is insane."

"America needs a strong, rational, positive, practical conservative movement. It needs that bulwark against liberal delusion and hubris. It needs a voice that says we are imperfect, that life is complex, that government can create need even as it meets need, that you can’t fix everything and freedom is worth some danger and sorrow. And there are smart, honest conservatives at the ready to be that voice, to help govern practically and sincerely with that voice, but they are drowned out by the guttural scream of craven utopians raging against reality."


The debt, Donald Glover, and the Tea Party

* Want to get real angry today? Check out why asthma inhalers are so expensive.
* Good read: Andrew Sullivan on the Tea Party as a religion opposed to modernity.
* By the numbers: comparing the national debt to other countries.
* Asia is the heart of many global problems.
* Why things will get worse for Republicans.
* As seen elsewhere: Donald Glover's personal notes on leaving Community. It's, wow.