August 1st, 2013


In Theaters: Pacific Rim

I always try to downplay my expectations for upcoming movies, because I hate being disappointed in a film, especially one I was excited about seeing. Luckily, my expectations were met well with Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro did more than deliver an exciting mecha vs. kaiju summer action flick. he populated it with solid, atypical characters (if you don't dig Mako Mori, I don't understand you.) (And I am a big fan of Idris Elba, to boot.) His attention to detail and design really add a lot to the movie in subtle ways that will stick with people for a long time. And despite a... disappointing opening weekend, the buzz for the movie has definitely found a following, meaning we're likely to see more. Go see it on the big screen this weekend.


Pensions in Illinois and the Google/Apple War

* On sexual harassment as an epidemic.
* Jonathan Bernstein on the House Republicans' failure to gather enough Republican votes for their own appropriations bill. More from Kevin Drum here.
* Plutocracy now: "Their worst fears of corruption and collusion just came true in Illinois, where corporate titans were caught red-handed in the act of Rigging the Game."
* What if Google and Apple actually went to war?
* Ten ways cars will evolve in the near future.