June 20th, 2013

Adult Swim terrorist

Welcome to America, 2013

Today's top read: "Now, we like to think of ourselves as a classless society, but it isn't true today. As the Brookings Institution has pointed out, America has turned into a place Horatio Alger would scarcely recognize: we have more inequality and less mobility than once-stratified Europe, particularly the Nordic countries. It's what outgoing Council of Economic Advisers chief Alan Krueger has dubbed the 'Great Gatsby Curve' - the more inequality there is, the less mobility there is. As Tim Noah put it, it's harder to climb our social ladder when the rungs are further apart. And it's getting worse."


Surveillance state, the IRS non-scandal, and modern democracy

* The IRS non-scandal: if you have to hide the facts to make your case, it might be time to move on. (Good read.)
* Our growing surveillance state reaches down to the corner, and the park.
* Interesting: what if modern democracy just isn't working?
* Ugh. New report finds one in nine bridges in the US 'structurally deficient.'
* Whoah. Prominent gay conversion therapy group closes its doors and apologizes.
* In defense of Sen. Rand Paul.
* Follow-up: Gov. Jindal just kind of gives up.
* Hee. Describing twenty-five movies in one sentence each.