March 21st, 2013


fingers crossed

At first, I was surprised when the Republican party quietly identified a few key areas where they need to change to keep up with, you know, the modern world.

But then a couple of their big wigs admitted in public that there really isn't a debt crisis. You know, the one they've made the cornerstone of their party for years now.

Conor Friedersdorf illustrates what they can do to continue to move forward. (Great read.)


Single moms, the Big Bang, and 20th century death

* "Here are all the ways we died in the 20th Century."
* One problem with discussing politics is that people don't agree on facts.
* Great read: parsing out the economic forensics in the rise of single mothers.
* "Ten years on, American foreign policy still suffers from alarmism and threat inflation."
* Gigantic sinkhole threatens a Louisiana suburb.
* Whoah. The Planck Surveyor changes our perception of the origin of the universe.
* Another cable company speaks up against bundling. Fingers crossed.