January 10th, 2013



The 2012 Oscar nominees have been announced, way earlier than I remember it happening before.

I hope to hit the watch-all-the-best-picture-nominees weekend event again this year, but we'll see if that happens. But they've actually nominated a lot of movies I actually wanted to see on the big screen.

I hope Brave gets it for Best Animated (although I admit I didn't see Wreck-It Ralph.) And honestly, I am surprised The Hunger Games didn't get a nod for costumes.


The Mississippi River, Congress, and Carrie Fisher

* The Mississippi River is dropping to historically low levels.
* Flu season starts early and strong nationwide.
* Can Republicans reverse their foreign policy problems?
* Ugh. How members of Congress spend their work days.
* After 25 years in prison, one man meets modern technology.
* "Carrie Fisher makes peace with Princess Leia."
* M. Night Shyamalan is working on a "Twin Peaks style series.'
* "Django Unchained is a corrective... Instead of wallowing in misery, Tarantino gives us — me — the story we’ve been waiting for: a violent, bloody revenge tale set in a time period that we have been continually dishonest about."