November 29th, 2012


An Arab in Israel, kaiju, and the Cold War

* By the numbers: the Republicans have a generation gap problem. Unless it's also... population density. Both good reads.
* "What does it feel like to be an Israeli-Arab?"
* Debunking the common thinking on how we won the Cold War.
* No, Obamacare wasn't written in secret.
* Follow-up: conspiracy charges over the Massey Energy mine tragedy.
* Oh, yes. First viral videos from del Toro's giant-robots-vs.giant-monsters movie, Pacific Rim.


all we have

"This little speck of ours, Sagan's pale blue dot, is all we have. It's our own common possession and our one common heritage. If relativistic mechanics holds up as a barrier, the solar system and maybe a few other stars are all we'll ever have, and the challenges of terraforming anywhere else are enormous."